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Computers and Technology
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Introduction to Computers

This course is for new computer users and is deisgned to provide you with the necessary skills to perform everyday tasks confidently.

Intermediate Computing

This course is for those who have some computer experience and would like to broaden their skills.  We also have an 'Introduction to Computers' course available.

Microsoft Excel

Join in this short course and gain confidence in creating and formatting spreadsheets. Training will focus on formulas, functions, data manipulation and graphs.

Introduction to iPads

These practical classes are designed to help you get the best from your iPad, making the most of the many features available including downloading apps, taking photos, emails, searching, calendars, settings etc.

iPads – Stage 2

Turn your iPad into a practical and purposeful tool by becoming more efficient and effective with your use.  Be creative with your photos, movies and documents. iPhoto makes it fun and easy to organise, edit and share your photos; iMovie can turn your videos into Movie; Pages allows you to create documents as well as use fabulous templates; create fabulous spreadsheets in the Numbers app.