Personal Budgeting Basics

Course Name Personal Budgeting Basics
Course Length 6 hours
Date/s Subject to enrolment numbers

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Course Description

This course is designed for individuals to learn how to develop your personal budget.

Creating a budget and sticking to it can help you save and reach your short- and long-term financial goals.

Ready to get started? This short course will help you to understanding the following key components as you begin to build a monthly or annual budget:

  • Fixed expenses are expenses that stay the same from month to month, such as rent payments.
  • Flexible expenses are expenses that change from month to month, such as how much you spend on entertainment.
  • Total expenses are the combined amount of your fixed and flexible expenses.
  • Total monthly income is the income from your job or other resources including investment dividends, pensions, benefits, rental income and more.
  • Disposable income is the money you have left over after you subtract your income taxes from your income.

No personal income details are required.  This short course will show you the basic elements required to establish, adjust and track your budget.



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