Conversational English 1

Course Name Conversational English 1
Study Mode 1 session per week
Course Length 20 weeks
Nominal Hours 60
Timetable 9:30am - 12:30pm

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Course Description

Participants engaging in everyday English conversation and learning basic reading and writing skills, students will become more confident and able to communicate with the broader community, develop social networks, gain an understanding of workplace culture and participate in further education.


Concession N/A
Total Fee $120
Payment Plan Available Yes

Learner Plan

Conducted for all prospective learners to determine the candidates desired outcomes from the course, their future aspirations and their current skills and experience.

This information allows SGAE to individualise training for the learner ensuring appropriate delivery for success.

Enrolments, Fees & Refunds

All enrolments must be confirmed by payment of fees. Payment plans may also be available. Cancellation fees may apply. Please refer to our Fees & Refund Policy.