Business Essentials

Course Name Business Essentials
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Course Description

Everything you need to know to run a business.

This is a full day course for the approx. cost of one hour with your accountant!

Topics covered

  1. Should I be in business?
  2. What is a business plan and do I need one?
  3. Should I start from scratch or buy an existing business or become a franchisee?
  4. What business structure should I have?
  5. Do I need a business name?
  6. What registrations do I need for taxation?
  7. What do I need to consider if I need to engage “workers”?
  8. What are the different financial reports?
  9. What options are there for recording the income and expenses of my business?
  10. What should I consider when applying for finance?
  11. How can I market my business?
  12. What can I do about bad payers?
  13. What other matters do I need to consider?


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