Programs for People with a Cognitive Disability

As leaders in training, at SGAE we offer a range of qualifications and specialist courses to promote daily living and employment skill development for people with disabilities.

The candidates are able to gain relevant life skills and work towards accredited courses to support their achievement of personal work and life goals in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

As a disability program team we have extensive experience in training, education and support within the disability sector. We are passionate about continually building the capacity of people who have an intellectual disability or cognitive deficiency.


As a team we work together to do this by:

  • Providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment
  • Working collaboratively with people who have an intellectual disability to assess their current language, literacy and numeracy levels
  • Designing, developing and implementing training plans targeted towards the student’s requirements
  • Using repetition and reinforcement for learning consolidation
  • Providing regular opportunities to practice spelling and numeracy
  • Utilising information and digital technology to enhance all learnings and increase technological competency
  • Strengthening learning using visual aids to boost word identification
  • Using real community and workplace literacy and numeracy situations as examples in training resources and session plans
  • Reinforcing life skills learning with scenario examples of everyday life circumstances
  • Developing practical evidence based resources to support learnings
  • Designing a range of assessments to accommodate individual student capabilities and requirements

SGAE partners with agencies in a collaborative approach to providing training, education and support to people with an identified intellectual disability. SGAE provides professional education and flexible training packages tailor-made to meet the needs of organisations across a wide range of disability areas. The training we provide is aimed at reducing the vulnerability of people with disability to abuse, exclusion and neglect through building their capacity to protect themselves.

SGAE provides specially designed programs such as “Garden to Plate” which builds on daily living skills for budgeting, healthy eating and a weekly cooking class. Our disability program is not about books – it is all about people and experiential learning so come and join with us now.

Foundation Skills Training has been a priority of Southern Grampians Adult Education (SGAE) since its inception more than 16 years ago, and became a “Foundation Skills Preferred Provider” in 2014 in all three domains.

These courses have been specifically designed to maximise the opportunities for adult learners with a permanent cognitive impairment/ intellectual disability to engage with learning in a supported program.

Hands-on learning focuses on improving reading, writing and numeracy skills, providing learners with the confidence, skills and knowledge to maximise their full potential and enhance their quality of life and independence to become more active members in their communities, or in a supported workplace environment.

Students will be learning under close supervision with high levels of direction. Knowledge and employability skills development is supported by a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills and preparatory learning. Training is delivered to make meaning from everyday life circumstances and units are prepared to focus on the individual’s development. The programs are hands-on, activity based within a fun and friendly learning environment.

Our Programs for People with a Disability